Innovation Mapping for Disruptive Device Developers

Project Examples


conjoint analysis

Diagnostic System Product Configuration and Pricing Strategy

In the highly competitive world of clinical diagnostics, which innovative features under consideration by our client should they select? Which features will bring the most value to the customer? What price will the market bear?

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                adjacent markets

Adjacent Market Analysis for a Diagnostic Products Market Leader

Medi-Vantage helped our client identify market adjacencies to solidify their market leadership position while addressing performance issues in their clinical diagnostics systems. Read more…


DNA strands abstract

Personalized Medicine / Companion Diagnostics Product Use Mapping Research

The continuum of care for therapy and diagnostics can vary substantially by country. Our client needed to develop a global product strategy in partnership with a biopharma company with a novel product for a specific disease state around the role of their companion diagnostic system.

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