Medi-Vantage President Authors Chapter: Global Medical Device Marketing Strategy

Working closely with medtech regulatory colleagues is a key role for medical device marketing.

“The question is: how can medtech marketing de-risk the selection of countries and regions to support company executive strategy?” said Ms. Shepherd.

“Close collaboration with our regulatory colleagues ensures that a global market assessment is performed to identify the countries and regions that are commercially viable,” she continued. “A market segment analysis is critical to the opportunity and strategy when the delivery of care is different from US and European models. I was asked to write this chapter by the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS)  to be sure that all medical device companies, large and small, have the market assessment information they need to avoid unnecessary expense, delays, inefficiencies and possible failures to obtain approvals.”

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Key sections of the chapter:

Global Executive Strategy Development for Medical Device and Diagnostics Companies

Global Marketing Support and Analysis for Executive Strategy Decision Making

Regional Strategy Development

Market Segmentation and Classification of Regional High-To-Low Regulatory Barriers

How to Prioritize Segmented Markets for New and Existing Products

Global Advertising and Promotion Regulations

Direct to Consumer Advertising Trends for Europe and the US

KOL Development and the Sunshine Act

Human Factors Usability Testing Informs Regulatory Strategy

Market Research to Understand the Continuum of Care outside the US

Social Media

The book Global Medical Device Regulatory Strategy can be purchased from RAPS by clicking here.