Maria Shepherd Interviews Marlou Janssen, CEO of Biotronik

In the first installment in a series on women in medtech to be published in MDDI, we focus on Marlou Janssen’s impressive career and outstanding results at Biotronik.

In just over 12 years, Janssen achieved the highest leadership role at Biotronik in the United States. This is even more remarkable considering that medtech is not an industry boasting gender diversity in its highest ranks. In fact, in a 2016 survey (see link below) of 24 medtech women executives, respondents reported that only an estimated 14% of their executive peers are women. One of the survey participants said it best: “It is not going to be easy, so be ready to push hard and play rough.”

So how did Marlou make it to executive leadership at Biotronik? That, and many more details are available in the article:

Read the survey: The Glass Ceiling in Medtech- A Survey of Medical Device Executive Women – Medi-Vantage_052317

We plan to update this survey in the summer of 2017.

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