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Medi-Vantage Culture

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Great things happen when you work with Medi-Vantage.

The global team at Medi-Vantage is a highly successful interdisciplinary group of experienced industry managers who are intellectually curious and analytically rigorous. Our operational expertise was acquired at market-commanding companies like Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and Philips. As industry employees, we learned the operational methods critical to creating disruptive new technologies that improve outcomes, reduce costs and simplify healthcare delivery. We know how to successfully work within the healthcare ecosystem, and are passionate about creating disruptive innovations that improve the delivery of healthcare.

Beyond strategy consulting: Medical device companies come to Medi-Vantage to enlist proven experience in:

  • Defining new market opportunities; engineering successful new medtech products
  • Finding solutions to specific strategy questions critical to your business
  • Developing and executing commercialization plans

For almost 10 years, Medi-Vantage has partnered with senior executives and investors on their highest-stakes strategic decisions in companies ranging from start-ups to global market leaders. We are proud of the market-leading products and marketing strategies we have helped our clients develop, that transform healthcare and are valued by clinicians, healthcare administrators and patients worldwide.

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