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History & Mission

Change the way you look at innovation


Maria with Google Glass headshot In her last industry role, founder Maria Shepherd was Vice President of Marketing at Oridion (acquired by  Covidien/Medtronic). She is recognized for her abilities to develop medtech innovation and marketing/business strategies to increase sales and profits. Under her leadership, the marketing department at Oridion grew to 20 people, while bringing Oridion to record sales/profitability through major shifts in brand strategy  and product design. Prior to Oridion, Maria worked in multiple medical specialties at Boston Scientific and CR Bard.  In 2007, Maria decided to dedicate her career to helping clients create disruptive new medical technology and find  answers to critical strategic questions.

How We Grew

Our company was initially launched in 2007 as Data Decision Group, LLC. The firm was rebranded as Medi-Vantage in 2015 to more accurately reflect the seervices we provide to our clients.

Since 2007, demand for Medi-Vantage services has increased dramatically. The foundation of our services are the creative, talented and successful medical device and life sciences industry experts we attract to work on client projects. Professional credibility and track record is the highest priority at Medi-Vantage.

Medi-Vantage Today

Now approaching a full decade of service, Medi-Vantage continues to provide services utilizing our global team, differentiated by their operational expertise developed during their employment working for industry leaders like Medtronic and Boston Scientific. We provide our unique advisory and research services to small and large healthcare companies around the world.


Our mission is aligned with yours: to help develop disruptive medical devices and marketing strategies. Since 2007, we have helped medical clients develop > $1 billion in new products. Our goal is to increase that achievement to $3 billion by 2020. We will do this by helping clients develop disruptive innovations that improve outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, integrate with clinical decision support systems/healthcare IT and create profitable competitive advantage.

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